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About Us

From thick of the jungle to the comfort of your home, Wulf comes a long way to join your next trip outdoor. Wulf manufactures products that will be an integral part of your escapades and discoveries. Wulf also has made a niche in office backpacks. The office backpacks of Wulf are comfortable and help you keep your work documents, gadgets and other office accessories organized. The products from Wulf are highly enduring, tough and unwavering making it your perfect travel companion.

The lineage

Wulf is the latest line of products from Shiva Texyarn Ltd. Shiva Texyarn is a part of Bannari Amman Group Companies, a leading industrial conglomerate based in South India. Started in the year 1980, the company has ventures in diverse industries, from manufacturing to trading and services. With around 4500 cores of turnover, the company works to tap the varied markets like education, sugar, granite, power, automobiles, health care, etc. with innovative products. Its latest addition is Wulf – the finest range of outdoor products to help you gear up for your exciting expeditions.

Why Wulf?

Wulf products are impeccably designed from the finest quality material to withstand all your bold and feisty travels. They can survive tough expeditions as well as harsh changes in the weather. Seek the unexplored paths and trails with Wulf range of products and carry interesting stories about your experiences back home.

All their products are boldly designed and are ultra-innovative incorporating functionality, durability and style. With the range of designs, colours and style in every product, Wulf strives to satisfy the customer in every possible way. Whether it is hiking, mountaineering or long expeditions, Wulf products are a must have for every adventurer. They bring out the thrill-seeker and nature lover in each of us.

Wulf range of products

Apart from back packs and outdoor gears, the range of travel products from Wulf includes rucksacks, tents and sleeping bags.The Wulf products not only are your perfect companions, but they also have a diverse range of backpacks and accessories for your everyday quest. Get back-to-school with Wulf range of school and college backpacks. The school and college backpacks come in colours and designs that make you stand out in crowd. The Wulf office backpacks are designed to win your heart. They are great for everyday commutes, quick business travel and are comfortable to carry around.

The ultra-utilitarian range of products from Wulf covers laptop Backpacks, Campus Backpacks, messengers, portfolios, laptop cases, rucksacks, sleeping bags, Travel Accessories and more. Name the occasion – short outings, trekking, camping, trips or everyday school or office usage and Wulf has the perfect product for you.

Combining functionality with innovation, Wulf range of products make you look classy, stylish and magnificent. Wulf is not just another range of travel products; it is a license to live on edge.

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